Sweet Fat Cat

Fat Cat

Fat Cat (FC or Fat for short) is rather quiet and prefers to communicate through acts of kindness. She enjoys flower beds and toasty rays of sunshine. She will be your friend forever and follow you around where ever you go. Being a medium-long haired cat, she is also pleasantly fluffy and will often times curl up on the nearest available lap. FC likes to tag along when Momocheet goes adventuring or when Evil Landlord gets some new form of mischief into her head.

Fat is the oldest of the BeKyoot cat characters. She was adopted from a cat rescue house in Galveston, Texas, and lived a long happy life. She was a sweet girl, very much like her illustrated counterpart, though not nearly so quiet. Ironically, she was the smallest of the cats by weight, but the volume of her fur was such that she appeared much bigger than she really was.