Meet the Inspiration

The characters of BeKyoot are all inspired by life and the antics of real animals. Most of them were either rescued, adopted, or moved in of their own accord (EL). All of them are and were treasured additions to the family, full of personality. Flip over the cards below to read a little about each one, then please enjoy a sample of the glamour shots that have been collected over the years. ;) The current residents of Kyoot HQ are Tuxie, Coconut, and Pete.


Momo, one of the original 3 cats to inspire the characters of BeKyoot, was a very sweet girl. She’d squeak for food service, but that was about it. She loved to sleep on the desk between Christy’s body and keyboard, often using her arm as a pillow. She loved to spend the night in hidden baskets and on blanket piles, and spend days in the toasty sunbeams of the window. Momocheet was found in a church parking lot, all ears and an extra long tail. She had four white socks on her feet and brown patch tabby fur.


Supervision Department Director

Ru (EL)

Aurora (Ru for short, later EL) adopted her family instead of the other way around. She showed up on the doorstep and moved in, as if it had always been her home. It was her personal goal to inspect and sit on all new papers, mail and boxes that would come into her presence. It became a running joke that she charged the other cats rent, and that’s where her nickname came from. She loved to watch movies and would chirp and come over to the couch whenever anyone would sit down.

Ru (Evil Landlord)


Luna (FC)

Luna, nicknamed Fat or Fat Cat, was ironically the lightest in weight of all three original cats, but she was so fluffy that she appeared larger than Momo and EL. She was quite vocal and would stick very close by her human. She was adopted from a cat rescue in Galveston, Texas. FC would sometimes need a lion cut to help keep her cool in the Summer months and it would totally change her personality. She would become bold, playful and frisky, as opposed her more standard

Luna (Fat Cat)

Assistant Supervisor


Tuxie is a sweet teddy bear that has daily snuggle fits. He was adopted from a ranch in Wyoming and serves as the head of security. He loves fresh tuna, freeze dried chicken, and will even nibble on artichoke leaves! He keeps Pete in check when Pete gets too rowdy, and prefers the freshest of water to drink, especially if it’s in a hooman’s glass. He has four white socks, and grey pinstriped tuxedo fur.


Security Department

Coconut (Bean)

Coconut was found hiding under a car and passed through several households before sticking her landing at Kyoot HQ. She loves to nap on her heating pad (always on the lowest setting) or with Tuxie as they practice various nap formations.Coco will also squish behind Christy on her office chair. She enjoys yelling at lizards and is a accomplished bug exterminator. She loves learning tricks from Tuxie.


Supervising and Creative Director


Pete was adopted from a Houston dog rescue network in June 2020. He loves going on walks, chasing tennis balls on the court, and all forms of dairy. He will serenade Alexa when she speaks, and also practicing his howling when the blender is running. He often naps upside down. He knows quite a few tricks and will play hide-n-seek, though you will run out of hiding spots because his memory is very sharp.


Catering Lead


Pudge was a pug dog that Christy had while growing up in Indiana. He loved to zoom around the yard with his tail uncurling out behind him. He loved ice cream and hated ketchup. He learned how to play hide-n-seek but didn’t have a very good memory for hiding spots.


R&D – Zooming

Glamour Shots