Momocheet the Cat

Momocheet is a sweet and playful kitten. She has two forehead stripes and a heart on her tail. She can be a bit shy at times, but she is always quick to make new friends. Her favorite thing to eat is a cupcake, or anything sweet for that matter. Mo is inquisitive and curious, as many cats are, and loves to wander strange new places and discover the best local cupcake shops. She doesn’t talk much except when food is involved and will readily distribute hugs and snuggles to all her friends in need. Her roommate is the Evil Landlord, and she must frequently borrow from Fat Cat in order to keep up with Landlord’s exorbitant rental rates.

Momocheet is the first of 4 cat characters with a real-life counterpart. The real Mo is a rescue cat who was found in a church parking lot. She was all awkwardly large ears, eyes, and a long thin tail for a few months then grew into the beautiful and sweet companion that her illustrated self is based upon.