Cozytown Replay: Breach

About the Replay

Shipwreck Library - Sketch Kyoot Vol 1 Cover

Shipwreck Library – Sketch Kyoot Vol 1 Cover

One of my favorite drawing challenges, Mermay, happens during the month of May. It’s so much fun to make mer-versions of all the Cozytown characters. One of my first entires into this theme eventually became the cover of Sketch Kyoot Volume 1! You can see it pictured here.

This was the first time I drew Mer-Mo, and I took inspiration for the design from the lion fish. They are so beautiful, but very territorial, aggressive, and their sting is toxic as well. You have to be very careful if you add them to a salt water tank environment. I only kept the pretty parts of that combo, for Mo’s mer-design. When the time came to add Coconut to the undersea adventures, I knew I wanted to base hers off of a clown fish/ koi/ betta combo. I loved the pudgy nature of koi fish, and the bright orange black and white of clown fish suited her well. The feathery swirl of the betta fish’s tail I knew would be a delight to draw, and it totally is!

This illustration was made in Procreate on my iPad Pro. I started actively practicing with this program a few years ago, and really love how different it is from my usual Illustrator. It’s a lot of fun to use different tools. I feel like it allows you to break out of ruts and try new solutions to solve familiar design problems.

I hope you enjoyed this replay! I look forward to sharing more with you as I continue to learn new programs.