Ok that was a little click-baity, but you’re here so LET’S GO!

Kyoot Thing #1: IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!

This morning I got to my desk and there was a floof sitting there, with a sign telling me he must go on an adventure! I thought, ‘fair enough, when adventure calls, we must answer, right?’ Are you brave enough to join him? :) Keep an eye on my IG account for the plushie giveaway announcement Friday and to enter for your chance to win many adventures with this most excellent floof!

Kyoot Thing #2: Book of Kyoot Volume 4 is almost here!

They are set to ship November 23rd, and that means preorders will be going live over the weekend! I will have some special free goodies for all preorders, and another announcement blog post on here to cover all the new stuff!

Kyoot Thing #3: E-Books are also coming soon!

Want all the kyoot comics in your e-library? I’m working on ebooks of all the comics and hope to launch those on the shop within a few weeks.

That it’s for this update! I’ll have more coming very soon and remember to keep an eye on my IG for giveaways, and lots of other fun stuff!