Meet the Floofs Behind the Kyoots

Art Imitates Life

You may have noticed a few updates going on through the site. Please do take a look around! I’ve added/updated quite a bit, including a section for just the fur babies that have inspired the comics and stories over the years. I had a lot of fun picking the photos to share with you, especially of EL. She was always posing dramatically or sleeping in a weird position. Coconut does that quite a bit now too, so I’m pretty sure she took copious notes from the Queen B (B for Bucket, one of her many many nicknames) herself.

In the new Inspiration page, I added flip cards for everyone, with a little bit about the personality and history of each floof. Click on them to flip them over and find out about the original Momocheet, FC, EL, Pudge, Coco, Tuxie and Pete!

Until next time,