It’s just 5 days, but every year they go by so fast.

Wow. What a year this was at SDCC! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the booth! It flew by quickly as it always does, but this year seemed particularly brisk. Maybe it was all the excitement around the giant Momocheet that welcomed people into the booth?

It’s hard to predict what designs will lead a show, and this year, I was surprised by the Fresh Cupcakes tee! I have very few pieces of this one left and have added them to the shop. I’m planning a reprint soon as well. I have also added the remaining new pins, books and hoodies. Check it all out in the shop!

One of the many exciting aspects to SDCC are the cosplay costumes that go on parade around the convention center. Here are a few awesome ones that went by the booth!

Another great part of SDCC is the vast quantity of artists, publishers, and creators all in the same space. Each year I find some time to sneak around the tables and pick up new books, comics and art references. Here are some of my finds from this year. Also, Happi Paper was out and about for the first time since 2009! Our previous location on the floor was too congested to have him walk about but the new location is by a wider aisle with plenty of dancing room!

Plans are already being made for next year. I have a huge goal to come out with Book of Kyoot volume 2, which means at least doubling my current posting schedule. I also want to bring out several short stories in comic/children’s book form. Keep an eye on my Twitter and IG if you want to get sneak peeks at the work behind the scenes and development on new books and stories!

Onward to SDCC 2020!