New Book preorders are live!

SDCC at Home is back again for 2021 and I’ve got a few goodies that arrived just in time! Book of Kyoot 3 and Sketch Kyoot 5 preorders are up and in production! I am so excited about these. Estimated shipping date is mid/late August 2021. The Pencil case section got a fresh update with new designs ready to hold all the stuffins! These little guys are perfect for holding a sizeable array of pencils, pens, and markers. New stickers have also arrived, including a new holo design and the One and Onlky Partytime Floof! Click the links below to check it all out!

Book of Kyoot 3
Sketch Kyoot 5

May the Floof Be With You Vinyl Sticker
Partytime Floof Vinyl Sticker

Pencil Cases
Enchanted Forest Pencil Case
Lily Pad Floofs Pencil Case
Fishing Friends Pencil Case
Flowery Floofs Pencil Case