This is the Year of Berry and the BeKyoot Artbook!

I have been working hard on finally finishing Berry’s Story and getting a BeKyoot Artbook put together. I am aiming to release them at SDCC this year! Inside the artbook will be tutorials as well as a ton of new artwork. You can get a sneak peek at what will be inside by following me on Twitter and Insta! I post new drawings every night and will also be posting my work as I layout the pages and create the content.

Watch Kyoot in the Making!

Are you on Twitch? So am I (and Momocheet)! :D I’ve been streaming my artwork for several months now, and am excited to announce a regular Monday-Wednesday-Friday streaming schedule. Keep an eye on Twitter for Live tweets and the topic/subject of the day! I do a combination of digital vectors and traditional Copic Marker streams. Momocheet and the gang sometimes make appearances on stream as well. ;) Follow me here! BeKyoot (lafhaha) on Twitch