Though most of my work is digital these days, I still love traditional media.

I like working with many different types: markers, paints, pencil, and ink among others. It’s nice to break away from the computer, especially to a place where you are forced to become creative with mistakes you make. I learned so much painting acrylic signs one year, and was surprised how much of it transferred over to my digital work.


I was given a limited number of base colors, and had to mix the paints I needed from those staples. I have mixed mud, and figured out what I did wrong, and how to mix bright, careful colors thereafter. One thing I liked most was how I was forced to think about the order of how I built things up. It doesn’t happen in the same way digitally.


I used to be so scared to start in on a new canvas or white page. That feeling is still there to a degree, especially when I’m looking at a fresh pair of shoes. Now, though, I have the experience of turning some unfortunate mistakes into happier endings, and it makes starting easier.